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When recording BEM or SEN children at sessions please follow the same procedure as recording 'new boys/girls' ie record them under BEM or SEN at their first session but only include them in the attendance number at future sessions.

SCHOOL REGISTRATION DETAILS When entering school details onto the monitoring site please ensure the correct type of school is selected ie primary, secondary etc and that all contact information is up-to-date.


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Additional KPI Monitoring to record On the project page under the heading ‘School Delivery’ there are a list of headings which need to be completed for schools participating in the project. They are as follows

  • MCC Spirit of Cricket Initiative – confirm which schools the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ message has been delivered to and where Intra Competition has taken place
  • National Cricket Day – identify which schools have taken part in a National Cricket Day Activity
  • Additional Competition – Record any additional competition which has taken place at any school or that the school has been involved in. PLEASE DO NOT RECORD ANY MATCHES WHICH HAVE BEEN PUT THROUGH TIMESHEETS AS THESE ARE ALL READY INCLUDED.

Migration Figures Please can all project managers ensure that Migration Figures are entered correctly onto the monitoring system.  

Last Updated: 06 May 2015

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